Month: November 2020

Bode Wins World Poker Online Series 2020

Bode enters the final table in eighth chip position with nine players remaining. Jason ‘Daluxxx’ Luxenberg was the first player to hit the virtual rails at the final table, with his AK offsuit failing to win a classic race against pocket queen Brian ‘XcrazylegsX’ Frasca. Luxenberg took home $ 7,162 as a ninth place finisher. […]

Why Poker will continue to define creative narratives for developers

Whether you are a professional on your own circuit, a follower of the competition or completely uninterested in the concept, poker is big business. The sector has exploded into the mainstream in recent years, growing from being a specialized hobby to a multi-million dollar industry. Recent projections put Poker’s value at around $ 1.5 billion […]

Poker Will Not Lose Robert Turner

When Robert refers to this behavior as the concern of people only a short distance from the table, he dismisses the incident, saying he didn’t hear it. Robert thinks he manners this bad behavior because he knows “he can do without mistakes.” We can understand understand there are times when one player (call him rude […]

Industry coalition sees Harrah acquiring Caesars

The WSOP versus most recently started last week in Rio and will continue until mid-July. It’s been there every year since the World Series and the rights to use the Horseshoe name in Nevada were bought out by Harrah’s in 2004. One industry coalition ignorance of saw Harrah acquire Caesars and drop Harrah’s name from […]