Winning poker players must overcome the imperfections of the Texas Hold’em Poker rake casino

What does it take to be a consistent winner? Why do most of the players come home losing more often than not; while others (a minority to be sure) usually win? It must be more than just luck because, in the long run, luck is sure to balance out.

What’s more, the winning poker player must overcome the handicap of the casino rake (unless he is playing in a home game where there is no rake). He must win more than that and also overcome other costs of playing such as bad jackpot falls and tips for the dealer.

There are three key elements that characterize the abilities of the winners, and clearly distinguish them from the rest of the pack. Maybe we should label this “essential” because, without it, you would have lost. In fact, these same elements apply to life, in general, as well as the game of poker: Decision, Control, Skill visit MADUQQ.

There are many important decisions to make even when you first sit down at your poker table, starting with the selection of games, tables and chairs. You can hardly hope to win at any poker game if you ignore it; and, however, most players seem unaware of the need to make rational decisions on these seemingly mundane choices.

Of course, during the game of every hand, there are so many other very important decisions – early selection; dial, lift, or fold over failure; semi bluff turn; cliffs on the river; and on and on.

Decision… Decision… Decision: This opportunity to make decisions puts you in control. Knowing how to make this decision in your best interest requires real skill.\












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