Poker Will Not Lose Robert Turner

When Robert refers to this behavior as the concern of people only a short distance from the table, he dismisses the incident, saying he didn’t hear it. Robert thinks he manners this bad behavior because he knows “he can do without mistakes.”

We can understand understand there are times when one player (call him rude if you will) another player at the table. (Hopefully this is just verbal – no physical contact.) Discord will arise. I’ve seen a few breaks while playing poker at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Casino (my favorite poker room) in Gardena, California. But there is a big difference.

Before you know it visit poker88, security staff is on the table to solve and troubleshoot these problems. Often times, I have seen them calmly and confidently, escorting offenders out of the casino. People who do it peacefully – use minimal restraining force only when necessary. The player at the closest table may not even be aware of what’s going on.

Obviously, the security personnel are well trained and prepared for such situations. In this regard, I will rate Hustler casino as providing an example for other mattresses to follow.

And, by the way, the security staff is very courteous to visitors, always with a pleasant smile. Recently, I found blood flowing from a finger. Apparently, I had swiped it against an object near my chair on the table. (Being on a blood thinner, things like that are more likely to happen.) I showed the security guard my injured finger. She immediately cleaned the wound to prevent infection, bandaged it and gave me another band-aid if I needed it.

Not long after returning to my seat at the table, several casino staff came up to me, camera in hand. They inspect chairs and nearby table areas for rough spots so they can be filed smoothly. I would never have expected such attentive care on a mattress.

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