Michigan launches a face-to-face sports betting operation

Michigan launches face-to-face sports betting operation – Regulators Hope To Allow Books Online To Open In November, With the NFL season only one day away from starting, there will almost certainly be a rush of bookkeeping by sports bettors. And online sports betting has proven to be the key to any successful sports betting market.

According to figures released by New Jersey gaming regulators, $ 296 million of the $ 315 million wagered on sports in July came from online sports books. That’s why Richard Kalm, executive director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board told MLive he hopes to allow the site to launch online books by mid-November.

Michigan launched a face-to-face sports betting operation, opening a retail sportsbook on March 11, just days before Governor Gretchen Whitmer closed the state’s gambling market in response to the COVID -19 pandemic.

“We all know that the online portion will benefit not only state revenue and taxes, but the tribes will also take a big hit. They were beaten really badly when they closed their casino, and the same was for the city of Detroit. So, everyone wants to finish it sooner rather than later. There is a real cooperative spirit to make these things happen through the process. “

There is a public hearing scheduled for September 23, where the rules will be laid down and finalized. Regulators expect the economic impact statement to be finalized and in the hands of state legislators by October.

If all goes well, the mid-November launch will be several months ahead of the initial January target.

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