Make a form of confidence with respect to the poker table

What is superstition? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is “a belief or practice that results from ignorance, fear of the unknown, belief in magic or opportunity, or a false conception of cause and effect.”

In ancient times, it was common for people to pray to idols who were trying to change things for the better – like the weather. They are superstitious. Many people will not walk under the stairs.

The game of poker encourages all kinds of superstitious behavior. I would bet most poker players are superstitious in more than one way when they play the game visit WADUKPKV. I admit it.

Here are some of the ways poker players are superstitious:
• Special card keeper – Many players place objects on their hole cards to protect them from accidental mistakes or dirt. A chip on the card will serve its purpose. But take a look at the different forms of card keepers on your table: from religious symbols to old coins.

• Some players stack their chips in such a way that it may be based on superstition. “It worked for me before.”

• When preparing to go to the casino, players may choose a certain hat or hat – or some other outfit. Hey, why not if it worked for you.

• Our friend (died) Edward L. told us: “If you find a penny on the ground, put it in your left shoe. This will bring you good luck. “Going further, next to a penny, when I found a dime I tucked it into the heel of my right shoe. (Seems to work for me – sometimes.)

• “bad” dealer – Some poker players avoid tables where they believe they never won while the dealer is playing the game. Other superstitions? No doubt it was a coincidence.

• This is an unusual superstition my friend Lucy uses: As she drives to the casino, any traffic light that stays green until she passes means another winning hand she will enjoy at the table. If he has to stop for most of the lights, this is not a good day to play poker. Sometimes he changes his plans, he confesses.












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