John ‘Slapshot1085’ Forlenza Successfully Wins 2020 Online WSOP

John ‘Slapshot1085’ Forlenza was the next to fall. He gets his last chip with A Diamond Suit Q Spades Suit, only to meet pocket queen Alex ‘ShadowFiend1’ Condon. The case queen hit the boards to give Condon a set, which was enough to send Forlenza on the rails in seventh place ($ 19,390).

Although Forlenza failed, Condon ended up becoming the next player to be eliminated in this event. Condon grew up in the Spades Suit Diamond Suit from the cutoff and Chang’s three-bet all-in for over 6.3 million off the button with the JJ Diamond Suit Spade Suit. Condon called and the board ran out. Q Heart Suits5 Heart Coats3 Diamond Coats2 Diamond Coats7 Diamond Coats. Chang’s pocket jack was held to give him a sizable pot. Condon earned $ 26,124 as a finisher in sixth place visit ARTAPOKER.

With recent knockouts, Chang has increased his chip lead to the point that he holds roughly half of those chips in a game with five players remaining. He expanded that lead even more by knocking out Timothy ‘married’ Begley, who pushed his last 11 big blinds with pocket deuces. Chang called with pocket kings and held back to send Begley home for $ 35,697.

Andrew ‘iseefoodtuna’ Running Campbell in this event ended when A’s Heart Suit Klubber’s shirt ran to A Shovel Suit A Diamond Suit from Philip ‘tomte’ Yeh. Campbell dropped deuce, but was unable to fix further around the bend or river. He cashed in $ 49,570 as a fourth place finisher.

The next big confrontation begins with Chang being lifted to the 360,000 of the button in A Diamond Suit K Spades Suit. Felipe ‘McBain’ Leme calls out from the big blind in a K Heart Suit Heart Jacket 9 Heart Suit. Failure to drop A Heart Suit 9 Spades Suit 5 Club Shirt and Leme check is called the 350,000 bet from Chang. 7 Heart Suits in turn prompted Leme to move the all-in for around 2.3 million. He has a pair and a flush draw, but needs help heading down the river after Chang makes the call. The 2 Diamond Suits didn’t help and Leme was eliminated in third place ($ 69,772).

Chang takes roughly a 2.5: 1 chip lead to be a heads-up play with Yeh. He was able to expand that lead to over 4.5: 1 by the time the last hand was dealt. Yeh pushed around 2.9 million off the button with 8 Club Shirts and Chang made a call holding the Heart Suit QJ Heart Suit. Downboard J Heart Suit 7 Club Shirt 4 Heart Suit 7 Club Shirt 2 Diamond Jackets and Jack Chang’s seven are enough to lock pot and title. Yeh earned $ 99,709 as the runner-up finisher.












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