In 2019 the Twitch account was created again

Can you see a little about what that moment was like for you when you set a record for the Twitch poker audience?

Lex Veldhuis: It’s really hard because even when I’m just describing the moment, I feel that joy again. It’s still a very real experience for me because I have my poker goals, I have a poker career, and there is so much poker-related stuff for me, but what makes my Twitch journey so special is that I share a common affinity with eSports. . I discovered poker via eSports.

I created my Twitch account back in 2009. So, I’ve been on the platform for a long time, just watching streams and big shows visit the BAMBUQQ. As a result, I know what impact something like this will have. If I think back about all kinds of events that were number one on Twitch, people doing some crazy boss raid on World of Warcraft, Dr DisRespect stream, streaming Ninja with Drake, well this feels like securing poker in that respect. For me personally it’s just crazy too. This is like a dream. At peak times, to become the world’s number one stream, it is something I will cherish forever.

CP: What do you think of the future of poker on Twitch now that you see that it might be the most-watched game of any given day? Are you optimistic that there is potential to reach many new fans who come from a wider range of gaming backgrounds?












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