I always look forward to those days at the casino

I always look forward to such days at the casino – Better deals, Apart from earning points for using player club cards, you will get respectable offers when using those cards to play. The casino evaluates offers depending on how much time you spend there visiting them, whether you visit often, how much money you put into betting and the last time you bet. Using this information, they produced the Average Daily Theo (ADT).

They will be able to see how much you are losing depending on how much you invest in the casino. The higher the Average Daily Theo, the higher your chances of accepting bigger deals as they will see their losses recovered faster because you are a frequent visitor.

All of these can only be identified when you use your player card in a way that can be recorded on their system. So, if you take your card out of the casino, your information is lost from their system.

On days when you are sure you won’t be spending a lot of time at the casino, using your cards can lower your ADT and this is not a good thing. A low ADT could trigger a lower bonus in the future which is definitely not a good thing.

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