Bode Wins World Poker Online Series 2020

Bode enters the final table in eighth chip position with nine players remaining. Jason ‘Daluxxx’ Luxenberg was the first player to hit the virtual rails at the final table, with his AK offsuit failing to win a classic race against pocket queen Brian ‘XcrazylegsX’ Frasca. Luxenberg took home $ 7,162 as a ninth place finisher.

Shawn “Saygoodnight” Daniels was in the second final table of the series, having placed fourth at the kickoff event for $ 42,060 just three days earlier. Daniel’s run in the show ended when his A Spade Suit K Spade Suit couldn’t stand the K Spades Suit Q Spades Suit from Kevin ‘ImaLuckSac’ MacPhee. Daniels has to settle for $ 9,338 for his latest strong show in the WSOP Online series visit Dewa Poker.

Caitlin ‘KTUUUH’ Dillon dropped to just 1.5 big blinds by the time the next elimination happened. Frasca shoves all from the little blind with J Spades Suit 2 Spades and Dillon calls K Spades Suit 8 Spades Suit. Downboard A Club Shirt 10 Club Shirt 2 Heart Suit 9 Heart Suit A Spades Suit and Frasca made aces and deuces to knock Dillon into third place ($ 42,603).

With that Frasca took an estimated 22.3 million in heads-up play against Bode, who saw him with over 13 million. The action continued fast and furious. Bode doubled with pocket threes against AK Frasca to take over the lead. In the last hand Bode pushed the all-in off the button with Q Diamond Suits7 Diamond Jackets and Frasca called A Club Shirts Q Club Shirts around 13.5 million. Runout 9 Spade Suits 7 Club Suits 3 Diamond Suits J Club Shirts 7 Spades Suits gives Bode trips to lock pots and titles. Frasca earned $ 59,952 as runner-up.

Ryan ‘Whosyourdodd’ Dodd got his last chip with the K Spade Suit J Heart Suit against dozens of pockets Mar ‘spaghetti’ Marasco, champion of the main event of the WSOP Circuit Online Season Finale recently. Marasco made a set in the end to beat Dodd in seventh place ($ 12,362).

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