After my initial introduction to poker at the age of seven

After my initial introduction to poker at the age of seven – They were mostly a bunch of guys from my father’s job, computer engineers who had taken the time to grind their bodies while they kept their minds sharp. Dave will always appear with the chill Fosters; that’s four 25 oz. cans that are part of the game like cards and chips. Dave was sipping his beer and lamenting his boss, poker being played to retaliate with the group and complaining about life.

This was pre-Moneymaker, pre-breaker, right before online poker really started to take over the poker world. This is poker for the sake of poker, for the pleasure of giving each other a hard time. It’s raw, it’s gritty, and I have to watch it every time.

The game rotates based on who trades but the most popular is always Guts. Everyone is dealt three cards face down and players must decide whether they enter or leave; You can always cut the tension in the air with a knife when everyone is holding out two fists, a coin in the left hand indicates they have a hand to play with, the right hand indicates a fold.

If the two players keep advancing then the winner will receive the pot and the loser must sow the pot for the next game. If no one does then everyone has to match the pot – $ 1 antes sounds small but the pot will swell to hundreds of dollars as players continue to chase their losses.

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